New England Honda Dealers

Around here, Honda is the perfect car for how we live. And with so many awards to prove it, you don’t have to look very far to see that Honda is the vehicle of choice for New Englanders – from the streets of Boston, to the top of Mount Washington.



Cambridge Savings Bank

You’ll find a lot of banks talking about values or claiming to treat you with respect. And Cambridge Savings Bank could very easily do the same. But this year, they went a step further; rolling up their sleeves to create simple, yet meaningful conveniences that make your life easier. You might be thinking, who does that? And now you know.




Cumberland Farms

The Come To Your Coffee Senses campaign is back. And thanks to Nikki Glaser, Cumberland Farms is making even more sense with a fresh, fully integrated campaign that continues to celebrate its delicious 99¢ Farmhouse Blend as the obvious coffee choice. And this time, they’re pulling fewer punches.





For a baby, air in the bottle is a no-go. It creates all sorts of uncomfortableness for both baby and parents. Luckily, Boon’s revolutionary new Nursh bottles take care of that age-old problem before it starts. So sip up little one. Boon’s got your back.






Thomas & Friends

Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway is one of those truly special toys that has stood the test of time and helped shaped childhoods for generations. At first glance, it’s simply pieces of wooden track. But mix in a child’s imagination? Just watch where they can go.


Our Work


Cambridge Savings Bank is a terrific community bank that had become lost in a sea of intense competition. They came to us looking not only for a new look and feel but also a whole new way to talk about themselves that stood out and made a meaningful connection with consumers.

As it turns out, their real point of difference was part of the bank all along – their genuine dedication to treating every customer like their only customer. This thought became the cornerstone of the Always You campaign.





The work was simple, striking, and refreshing. An incredible departure from what’s being done in the banking category. We spread the message in a wide variety of channels: web, broadcast, out-of-home, in-branch, and print. Ironically, a campaign that was all about setting customers apart also managed to set itself apart from everything else out there.CSB_Brand_Book



D’Angelo is an iconic regional sandwich brand that was losing relevance with consumers. On top of that, the big spending national chains like Subway and Panera had been eating away at D’Angelo’s once dominating market share for years. Full Contact’s solution was to re-focus the brand on the one thing that set them apart from the big national competitors, and the one thing they make better than anyone else: big, meaty, grilled sandwiches.DA_Digitial

The campaign was a full blown celebration of all things grilled and meaty, with a tagline that expressed the D’Angelo point of difference: Grillelujah!

We started our rebranding effort from the ground up and the inside out by designing an entirely new website and in-store menu-board highlighting the D’Angelo difference – the hot grill. The in-store POP continued the Grillelujah mantra to the meat-loving masses, featuring big and juicy sandwiches that were just begging to be devoured. The tone of voice was focused on the hungriest of the hungry; those looking to feed their meat fix.




DA_OOHWe also went to the airwaves and the web with a radio campaign that brought Grillelujah to glorious life, as well as a series of off-beat digital video “Meatitations,” where people affirmed their fervor and passion for the meaty salvation that is D’Angelo.

D’Angelo, a once treasured New England brand was now back in our hearts in a big way, and more importantly, back in the minds of their lapsed customer’s consideration set for the best in fresh grilled meaty sandwiches. Our clients really liked the new direction, but LOVED the increased comp sales even more.





How can a small but dynamic broadband provider possibly stand out among the behemoth Comcasts and Verizons of the world? Atlantic Broadband came to us with that very question. Our answer set the tone for their whole new brand platform – give people the instant gratification they want.


1ABB0008000H 1ABB0011000H 1ABB0013000H_ProResHQ

We created a fully integrated campaign for Atlantic Broadband built around a simple and compelling tagline: What You Want. Instantly. At the heart of the campaign we introduced a new brand icon: the Atlantic Broadband van. It’s mission: deliver everything you want as soon as you want it – from crazy fast internet speeds to virtually limitless choices in entertainment to incredibly responsive local service.


This campaign showed up in all sorts of inventive ways across multiple channels, including TV, radio, video content, newspaper, outdoor, and digital. It has done extremely well for both the brand and the business, significantly increasing overall awareness Atlantic Broadband as well as the all-important likeliness-to-switch category.ABB_Digital


Cumberland Farms Farmhouse Blend

We set out to create a campaign that highlighted both the surprising taste and the equally surprising price of Cumberland Farms new iced coffee. To keep the surprises coming, we enlisted the services of summer beach icon David Hasselhoff. But even we were surprised by the consumer response to our “One Surprise After Another” campaign and the international phenomenon that followed.

Consumers began buzzing about the signs. And then they began stealing them – by the hundreds.


The Hoff-napping phenomenon quickly became a news story all across the globe.


After shattering Iced Coffee sales goals, we brought the Hoff back for a second year.

Tommee Tippee

A household name throughout the rest of the world, this global baby feeding brand had little brand awareness in the US and Canada. We helped Tommee Tippee change all that, by creating this disruptive and wildly effective digital, social and print campaign.


Instead of replicating all the other brands in the category with their warm and fuzzy approach, we chose a more realistic direction; one that humorously suggests feeding time can be a lot less dramatic when Moms choose the bottle brand that’s closer to the natural way of doing things.




Arbella Insurance

Arbella came to Full Contact with a challenge: Help them build a connection with a new generation of customers – Millennials. This group represented an enormous opportunity for Arbella but had little awareness of and interest in the insurance category. The client wanted a campaign that would make that meaningful connection with Millennials. We came back to them with a new product idea instead.


Carpartment is a new insurance program designed specifically for the Millennial that combines renters and auto insurance. Our fully integrated campaign around Carpartment was contemporary, humorous and perhaps even a little bit edgy. It was a very different approach for the category and a very successful campaign that has helped keep Arbella moving forward.



Cumberland Farms SmartPay

SmartPay is an innovative mobile payment and rewards program that saves customers 10 cents a gallon every time they pump gas at Cumberland Farms. It is also a game-changer that puts the convenience store retailer squarely at the cutting edge of providing consumers a far more enhanced experience.

From a marketing standpoint, Full Contact had a hand in every facet of SmartPay’s launch including product development and design, user Interface and of course all the messaging and advertising ideas that followed.





Zipcar is fast becoming one of the world’s coolest transportation brands. The product is as simple as it is remarkable; offering cars by the hour or day to an urban audience, with gas and insurance included.

When we began working with them in 2007, their goals were lofty but their awareness was low. We needed to do two things: Get on the radar screen of their city-dwelling target while also hammering away at their extremely aggressive new-member acquisition goals.

We used a full arsenal of innovative and traditional media to spread our message to urbanites across the globe – anyone who needed a car to do something in and around the city.

A brand this simple and remarkable deserves its advertising to be the same way. Our extremely multi-channel campaign was designed to reach the young urban dweller in all the places that they lived, worked and played and positioned Zipcar as the smarter, simpler way to live an active life. It wasn’t just about the car. It was about all the things you could do with the car. It was different, it was inspiring, it was simple, and it worked like crazy.

One of the quickest ways of making a meaningful connection with consumers is by the visual way a brand is represented. This is something that is a unique strength for us here at Full Contact.

We excel at creating logos, packaging, websites, collateral, environmental messaging and other design elements that instantly broaden a brand’s appeal and resonate with the very people we’re trying to connect with.


Castle Island Brewing Co.



Cumberland Farms





F-Squared Investments



Safety 1st

Since 2009, we’ve helped Safety 1st with a number of successful initiatives, including the launch of the most advanced car seat safety system ever designed: Air Protect. In this digital video and print campaign, we chronicled an emotional meeting between a real family whose child was saved by an Air Protect car seat and the very people who made that car seat.



New England Baptist Hospital

There are 77 different hospitals in the Boston metropolitan area; needless to say, it is a crowded category. Our job was to make sure New England Baptist Hospital was able to truly stand apart. The good news is we already had a position of strength to start from. They are the only hospital in all of New England devoted exclusively to orthopedics.


But we wanted to do more than lead the category; we wanted to own the whole idea of movement. From the tagline we created, “Expertise in Motion”, to the campaign we built around the idea, our work helped New England Baptist to claim its stake as the only hospital 100% devoted to keeping you moving – a strategic high ground not often seen in hospital marketing.


We portrayed movement as not just an ability we all have, but a wonderful gift – an astounding power you never want to be without.

Cumberland Farms Chill Zone

After observing how young consumers were getting creative making their own customized beverages at the Cumberland Farms Chill Zone, we urged our clients to not only allow the behavior but embrace it. Our Mix Up Yours campaign was an inventive social, digital, mobile, broadcast, and in-store celebration of consumer creativity and social sharing.


To increase engagement, we created a series of memorable characters with distinct personalities – each one corresponding to a different flavor.


Friendsday Wednesday was an innovative social media promotion. It was basically BOGO on steroids – a program that encouraged kids to bring their friends to The Chill Zone.