December 15, 2016 Full Contact

What We Found: Facebook’s New Ads, Twitter’s New Tools, and PopSugar’s Trending Topics

Facebook is testing an ad format that features more products. Facebook

Facebook is testing an ad format that features more products. Facebook

We pulled together some of the most interesting articles we’ve read recently—and included the quotes that got us talking the most.

Facebook Users May Soon See Multiple Products Featured in a Single News Feed Ad
Source: Adweek
In preparation for the holiday season, Facebook is testing a new ad format that focuses on brand awareness and direct response. The new ad will feature a main image or video above related product images. The idea is that instead of targeting a user with only one product, people will be intrigued by a variety of options that might prompt them to a click. More advertisers are expected to join early next year if retailers continue to be as happy with the results as Michael Kors, one of the retailers testing the format, who has seen cost per conversion fall by 79 percent.

Twitter Addresses Critics, Adding Tools to Report Harassment
Source: AdAge
While a platform for productive and meaningful conversation and engagement, Twitter can also act as a stage for more negative conversation and harassment. This is one of users’ primary complaints about the platform, and one that Twitter has struggled to combat until now. Users will now be able to mute seeing certain words in their notifications and block unwanted conversations as a whole. In addition to these tactics, the company also launched the option for users to report “hateful conduct” and is retraining front-line reviewers on cultural issues to better catch problems in the future. This probably won’t terminate all abuse on Twitter, but it is certainly a step in the right direction.

How PopSugar’s New Tool Will Help You Stay Ahead of Social Media Trends
Source: Adweek
As Facebook has faced backlash for fake news and behind-the-beat trends, PopSugar has developed a predictive data tech tool, TrendRank. Instead of finding out what was trending, this tool allows you to find out what will be trending—important knowledge for brands and content creators looking to provide topical messages for their audiences. While currently the tool is being used internally, the media company intends to make the product available to brand partners, as well as give them the ability to see if publishers are writing about them and if those articles are being shared. This tool could be a huge asset for brands looking to connect with their consumers online.

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