When did Adweek start looking like People Magazine?

Take a scroll through Adweek at any given moment and you’re likely to see the names and faces of numerous A- through D-list celebs and the brands big and small that they are very excited to sign on and support. It wasn’t always this way; in fact, there was a time when a TV or movie celeb wouldn’t have been caught dead promoting a product in a television ad. But, with more and more frequency, celebs are tossing their famous endorsement behind brands from cars to fizzy water. Read more

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The Irrational Path to Purchase

man lying on the sofa and holding notebook with onlain shopping site on the screen and phone

When thinking about how people decide what products to buy, we usually assume that people make rational decisions based on weighing the pros and cons of different products. In a webinar presented by AdWeek, Dan Ariely, Professor of Behavior Economics at Duke University, offers an entirely different view of the decision-making process. Read more

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We’re in For a Busy Fall

Ask any marketer and they’ll tell you that today it is both harder and easier to get your message in front of your target audience. There are now more ways than ever to connect with consumers; at the same time, consumers are getting better and better at blocking out messages they don’t want to see. And this fall it’s only going to be more difficult, not less. For anyone who hasn’t added it all up, consumer mindshare is going to be hard to come by for a few reasons. Read more

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Blurred Lines: Diversifying Agency Roles to Build Better Brands

BlurredLinesHere at Full Contact, everyone in the agency brings a different experience from working in a variety of facets of the greater marketing world. We have folks hailing from experiential agencies planning big events for big brands, global holding companies working with clients with some of the largest budgets, in-house experience, smaller boutique agencies, and even work outside of the traditional advertising industry.

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