Mom Milestones

Often times, the life of a mom is marked by the milestones of her children. For example, when I think about my 35th birthday I don’t remember much about the day except that it was the first time my oldest daughter ate cake (she stole it from my plate and shoved it in her tiny face). Read more

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Have we Talked about Authenticity Recently?

It seems as though I can’t open a single trade publication lately without stumbling across an article on authenticity. The importance of it; someone who missed it; a brand that rocked it and saw the success. While this topic has been at the center of many recent conversations about branding, it doesn’t seem as though it is going anywhere anytime soon. Read more

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Future Retail Review: Harvard Graduate School of Design

Future of Retail

Digital has been an undeniable disruptive force for retailers. What it has effectively done in a very short time is shifted the power from manufacturers, designers, and retailers to consumers. This has been very problematic for retailers who have either not recognized that fact or not adapted to address it.

Read more

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Brick and Mortar: Alive and Well.

CF Coffee

How one retailer transformed from a last resort to a first-choice destination.

There’s been enough news out there recently about the demise of the brick and mortar store. Brands like Sears, J.C. Penny, Ruby Tuesday and RadioShack continue to struggle and shrink due to the rapid growth of e-commerce and the inability of those brands to stay relevant in the hearts and minds of consumers. Read more

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Three Marketing Trends That Are Not Trends

business video marketing content on line concept.

Marketing techniques that may be mistaken as mere social fads are actually the basis for incredibly effective customer acquisition and engagement strategies. Here are three marketing trends that actually are not trends at all, but rather quite sophisticated techniques that many brands have successfully implemented. Read more

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New Work for Cumberland Farms

We recently worked with Funny Or Die to create some branded content for Cumberland Farms. There’s a pretty simple formula for these things; start with a meat stick joke and write a treatment around it. Voila, you’ve got yourself a funny digital short that proves Cumberland Farms is the perfect place to get coffee, snacks, and tasered. Read more

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When Not to Target

Source: iStock

Motherboard recently detailed how British firm Cambridge Analytica used a sophisticated algorithm, big data, and psychographic metrics to help Donald Trump deliver tailored messages to individual voters. They got granular enough to basically allow canvassers to knock on doors with what amounts to an individualized creative brief for each unique conversation: information on the personality of the inhabitant, his or her political views, and how he or she feels about certain issues. Read more

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