If Loyalty Killed Marketing, It’s In Trouble.

When I was still a young advertiser, I came across an article, entitled “Marketing Is Dead.” Still being new to the profession, I panicked and immediately sent the article to the agency’s CEO. I needed to spread the word that The End had come.

Of course, Marketing is still alive. And, if anything, I’ve learned two things:  Read more

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Consider the Bathroom

Back in my college days, I used to frequent a coffee shop tucked away off the main drag of town. It was a small, quiet spot that wasn’t particularly great for studying or getting work done. It also had coffee that – in hindsight – was way above my taste buds’ capabilities. Read more

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Finding a Cowpath in Retail

Until recently, I had never heard the phrase “pave the cowpath.” Apparently, though, if my Internet snooping is any indication, the jury is very much out on the idea. So, in the interest of goading the jury along, here’s why I’d vote for paving the cowpath – or at least encouraging more cowpath traffic. Read more

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