Using hashtags in marketing campaigns can be an effective way to drive more engagement online and connect conversations both online and off. Of course, achieving these results only happens when hashtags are done right. In an earlier post we examined how to use hashtags effectively, in this post we’ll take a look at some of our favorite examples of hashtags done right. Read more

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How to Win the Social Media Super Bowl: 4 Smart Brand Examples


This Sunday, Americans will gather round the flat panel TV for our great national tradition: scarfing down nachos and wings, and enjoying a “cold one” while watching Super Bowl ads. As the Broncos and Panthers fight for Super Bowl dominance, brands are battling off of the field to win the unofficial Ad Bowl. Read more

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Using Hashtags Effectively

Lately, I’ve found myself in several conversations with colleagues and clients about using hashtags in marketing campaigns: How do you select the right hashtag for a marketing campaign? Should the brand name be in the hashtag? Do they work? What was once a simple Twitter tool for organizing conversations is now a trend that is turning up everywhere from Instagram to Facebook. Read more

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What Can You Learn From Social Listening?

One of the single most important things a marketer can do is listen—to your consumers, constituents, competitors, relevant trends, industry experts—the list goes on. Of course, the problem is that, today, listening has become harder than ever. With a surplus of 140-character comments, stylishly filtered images and bright clusters of emojis, it can be hard to detect a signal in the noise. Read more

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Are marketers responsible for the ‘Instagram Rapture?’

In case you missed it in the holiday hullabaloo, Instagram recently cracked down on the epidemic of spam-inflated account followings. The crackdown resulted in some prominent accounts losing hundreds of thousands (and, in some cases, millions) of followers. While celebrities like Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian were the most publicized hits, some high-profile brands were also affected by the Instagram Rapture, as it’s since become known.

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Pumpkin Peer Pressure: Marketing Seasonal Brands with Competition

We love Halloween; it’s one of our favorite holidays. So naturally we were thrilled to work with our friends at Pumpkin Masters again this year. In case you aren’t familiar, Pumpkin Masters provides a variety of carving tools and patterns that allow even novice carvers to create works of pumpkin art.

Our challenge was to build awareness for Pumpkin Masters during the Halloween season. Read more

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