Brick and Mortar: Alive and Well.

CF Coffee

How one retailer transformed from a last resort to a first-choice destination.

There’s been enough news out there recently about the demise of the brick and mortar store. Brands like Sears, J.C. Penny, Ruby Tuesday and RadioShack continue to struggle and shrink due to the rapid growth of e-commerce and the inability of those brands to stay relevant in the hearts and minds of consumers. Read more

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Coming soon: The next golden age of radio advertising

(Truth be told, this blog entry is in reply to a post by the most excellent Mark St. Amant (Partner-Creative, Grenadier) which was in response to a post by the legendary Ernie Schenck who asked, “Where has all the great radio gone?” I felt it deserved way more than a quick comment, so here goes…) Read more

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A Rebuttal from the Brighter Side of Advertising.

Recently a friend shared an article he came across entitled “Why Agency People Are So Unhappy.”

The gist of it is rather alarming, suggesting that the world of advertising has become a vast wasteland of bitter, angry people lamenting the post-recession end of the glory days. Some of these people are quitting the business in dramatic fashion, while others sadly trudge their way through a career that suddenly just isn’t fun anymore. Read more

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