Have we Talked about Authenticity Recently?

It seems as though I can’t open a single trade publication lately without stumbling across an article on authenticity. The importance of it; someone who missed it; a brand that rocked it and saw the success. While this topic has been at the center of many recent conversations about branding, it doesn’t seem as though it is going anywhere anytime soon. Read more

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Recap: Planet Fitness Ad Club CMO Breakfast

Last month, I enjoyed the Ad Club CMO Breakfast hosted by Google. SVP of Marketing for Planet Fitness, Jessica Correa, was the featured speaker. Drawing from her diverse background at companies ranging from Royal Caribbean to Carpet One Floor and Home to Planet Fitness, Jessica gave a clear perspective on what makes great marketing. She had three keys to success that especially resonated with me.

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When did Adweek start looking like People Magazine?

Take a scroll through Adweek at any given moment and you’re likely to see the names and faces of numerous A- through D-list celebs and the brands big and small that they are very excited to sign on and support. It wasn’t always this way; in fact, there was a time when a TV or movie celeb wouldn’t have been caught dead promoting a product in a television ad. But, with more and more frequency, celebs are tossing their famous endorsement behind brands from cars to fizzy water. Read more

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We’re in For a Busy Fall

Ask any marketer and they’ll tell you that today it is both harder and easier to get your message in front of your target audience. There are now more ways than ever to connect with consumers; at the same time, consumers are getting better and better at blocking out messages they don’t want to see. And this fall it’s only going to be more difficult, not less. For anyone who hasn’t added it all up, consumer mindshare is going to be hard to come by for a few reasons. Read more

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Look Inside First

“If you don’t bring a brand to life on the inside, it won’t survive on the outside.” – Libby Sartain

As the media marketplace has gotten more and more fragmented and consumers are harder to reach than ever, it’s easy for brands to focus entirely on their target consumer, while forgetting about other key constituents. Read more

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Where do we find our creativity?

Paying lip service to creative thinking is easy. Working with people who value it is rare. Seeing the results is inspiring. – Alex O’Reilly, Account Supervisor

Every person in our agency – from our creative teams to our Director of Finance – came to advertising as a career for a myriad of reasons. But, we all have one thing in common that keeps us here: the advertising industry offers the unique opportunity to marry creative and business-building worlds. Read more

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